Key to a Green future

Commuting is best done when it’s affordable, effective, and hassle-free. In a world where the prices of fuel and pollution seem to be competing with each other, and the streets are increasingly congested; the best way to commute without fatigue and be hassle-free is to have an E-bicycle.

It allows you to maintain all the benefits of a traditional bicycle, without spending a lot of money on fuel, and without getting tired.

Thanks to the latest ever evolving technologies,
E-bicycles have managed to provide a better way of commuting hassle free and without any fatigue whilst still maintaining all the benefits of a traditional bicycles.

Why E-Bicycle



Ride with motor assistance, or pedal away.
E-bicycles give you health but not fatigue.

Environmental Responsibility​

E-bicycles cause no air pollution, and very less noise pollution.

Average and Speed​

Traditional bicycles are slower. E-bicycle uses rechargeable batteries to give you an average of 25-45 Km/hr.

Parking Space

E-bicycles need very limited parking space. Dedicated parking is not needed.

E-Bicycle : A Futuristic Solution

The E-bicycle market is currently at $21 billion. It is predicted that it will grow to approximately $39 billion by 2050. Globally, 130 million e-bikes were expected to be sold between 2020 to 2023, thus surpassing all other e-vehicles by the end of this decade. Even with the impact of Covid, now that the world has opened up, the market looks equally optimistic. Further, as petroleum fuel prices rise by the day, and people become more aware of pollution, they are increasingly switching to e-bicycles. The efficiency, cleaner environment, and low cost of e-bicycles means, they are here to stay.

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